VA Chesapeake Bay Shark Fishing Charters

Shark Fishing on Chesapeake Bay photo

Chesapeake Bay Shark Fishing Charters

Shark fishing charters are one of the most fun trips our  guests can choose! While waiting for a toothy Shark to take a bait, the best thing you can do is relax in the company of your friends and family, and enjoy being on the Chesapeake Bay. However, when one of these monsters start running with a bait, you hear the reel screaming, and your Captain announce “FISH ON!“; HOLD ON for one of the most exciting fights of your life!!! Chesapeake Bay Shark fishing season usually starts heating up in June and runs into late September.


Charter Fishing for VA Shark


Our typical Shark charter starts by having you do some bottom fishing in the York River to gather some of our preferred live baits such as Croaker, Spot, and Bluefish.  Instead of placing the bait fish caught in a cooler, they will go in the boat’s livewell. The livewell acts much like an on-board aquarium to keep these smaller fish alive and kicking so they present an irresistible treat to the top-tier predators we will be going after out in the Chesapeake.


After stocking our livewell, we’ll head out and anchor up on one of Capt. Alan’s favorite shark fishing spots on the Bay. We’ll then set out a chum slick (a mesh bag of ground forage fish that attracts predatory fish such as Shark by dispersing scent in the current). Next we put out several baits behind the boat in our slick. One of our favorite rigs is the “fish-finder”. It keeps the bait near the bottom, but helps prevent our prey from detecting the weight on the bait by allowing the line to run freely through it’s slider. We also set live baits at other levels in the water table by allowing them to free spool and placing them under special “bobbers” that have a release-clip mechanism.



York River Charters‘ goal is to provide our guests the the most personalized charter experience available on the Chesapeake Bay. We invite you to come on down and enjoy some of the finest Shark Fishing on the East Coast!

Shark Fishing Charters in Virginia

Chesapeake Bay shark fishing provides action-packed fun that gives our guests a lifetime of memories! We are certain your Captain’s unique perspective and knowledge of the region are sure to give you reason to join us many times in the future and become yet another lifelong fishing friend.



*** Due to their nature, shark fishing charters are 6 hour minimum trips.

Shark Charter Rates for Patriot :

¾ Day (6 Hour)
7am – 1pm
Patriot (6 ppl. max.) $800¹ ²

Full Day (8 Hour)
Patriot (6 ppl. max.) $1050¹ ²



We offer various discount packages that bundle your charter with lodging, dining, and other outdoor recreation!

¹ Reservation/Cancellation Policies can be found here.

² Our Mates work for tips. A gratuity of 15 to 20 percent is customary.