Yacht Delivery – Yacht Management – Boating Instruction – Relief Captain

Update: All of these services, as well as Yacht Management, are now being offered under our recently established new company, Chesapeake Yacht Services LLC !

Captain Alexander also offers clients his services as a Delivery Captain, Yacht Manager, Boating Instructor, and as a “Captain for the Day” (Relief Captain). Captain Alexander’s U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Credentials endorse him as Master of Vessels, authorized to engage in Commercial Assistance Towing. Additionally, his Credentials include Radar Observer – Unlimited and Able Seaman.

Capt. Alan has also received authorization from the U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Center to serve as an Instructor for many courses at Chesapeake Marine Training Institute, the #1 maritime training institute in the U.S.

While serving in the U.S. Navy, Capt. Alexander stood various shipboard watches and attended Coxswain Training, Cargo Handling, Basic Electricity and Electronics and several other schools. His last assignment was with the Navy’s Special Boat Units in support of Special Warfare Operations. The continuous training received, combined with the real world on the water experience gained over the years should give you confidence in entrusting him to assist you today.

Yacht Delivery

Having made many runs up and down the east coast of the U.S., Capt. Alexander has local knowledge of the Middle Atlantic, Florida, the Bahamas and the Gulf. Whether you are a Broker, a Dealer or just a boat owner that needs your boat delivered, he can handle the job.

Brokers, Capt. Alexander can do more than just move your boats. He knows most boats in and out. He can give your client the orientation of his or her new vessel that will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Let his expertise be one of your selling points. He can even teach them basic seamanship, boat handling and close quarter maneuvering if needed.

Yacht Management

Capt. Alan offers professional yacht management, allowing you to enjoy ownership and use of your yacht without concern for the day-to-day complexities of your vessels maintenance, administration and operation. With years of expertise in vessel management, we can safely guide you and your yacht through the complexities of today’s technical and regulatory standards.

Our multi-tiered approach to service allows us to tailor a yacht management plan to your specific needs. If you want us to handle everything, we will. If you feel your needs are basic and that you wish to be more “hands on”, that is fine as well. And we can custom design an approach anywhere between.

Whether you are moving up to your first vessel of substance, or upgrading to your long term vision, our real world experience and network of service professionals will enhance your yachting experience now and for years to come.

Captain for the Day

Whether you need to get out on the water and don’t really know the area or just want to relax and let somebody else worry about running the boat, we can help. With first hand, current knowledge of the inland and offshore waters, plus familiarity with local hang outs ranging from the local sandbar to the local watering hole, we know the area and can responsibly run your boat and let you have a good time. Our rates are reasonable and competitive.

The same services mentioned to brokers under Deliveries apply here as well. A new boat or yacht owner that has not been properly introduced to their new vessel can feel a little overwhelmed. Let me help you and your new baby fit each other like a pair of well worn jeans!